Chevy Volt EVSE Level 2 Conversion SERVICE (2013-2014) Spark EV, Cadillac ELR
Chevy Volt EVSE Level 2 Conversion SERVICE (2013-2014) Spark EV, Cadillac ELR

Chevy Volt EVSE Level 2 Conversion SERVICE (2013-2014) Spark EV, Cadillac ELR

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Get your 2013-14 Chevy Volt's EVSE converted to work with 240VAC for Level 2 charging. This conversion ALSO allows to revert back to Level 1, 120VAC.

If you've been researching, this IS the "Four Wire Mod" that's found in some forums. I am the originator of this modification, so you can be assured it is done right and with previous expertise. I continually charge my own 2014 Chevy Volt with this modified EVSE/Chargecord and there have been zero issues for the past year or so.

This Base Conversion service includes (as pictured):
-Four wire modification with outdoor rated SJT 14AWG wire to L14-20p
-Level 1 adapter, retaining stock 5-15 plug to L14-20r

This allows you to plug the EVSE into an L14-20r outlet, and charge at 12A Level 2 (~3kW instead of 1.44kW Level 1.) This DOUBLES your charge rate over Level 1, and you can still use it on the road with 110 outlets.

Adapters for other outlets are available for additional charge:
ThreePhase 208VAC
See picture for outlet selection.

Please specify in the notes during purchase which adapter you need.

All conversions are tested for several hours before shipping out. Guaranteed non-DOA. This DOES void the factory warranty of the EVSE from GM. Not responsible for incorrectly installed outlets or any damage that might be caused by this conversion, but I will assist where I can via private messages.

Shipping charges assessed are for return shipping back to you, based on your address. Once your order is placed, I will give you the mailing address to send it to me. Turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days, depending on workload (first come, first serve.) But I try to accommodate everyone in a timely manner.

Please make sure your EVSE looks like the one in the picture with the two vertical lights and has screws on the back. This EVSE came with the 2013-14 Volt, and most years Spark EV and ELR. Again, just check the pictures and look for screws on the back. If there are no screws on the back, this conversion will not work.